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The Story:

(Song titles are indicated in italics.)

Act One:

James is a man out of step with the world. Despite his high IQ, he can't hold down a job and his girlfriend Rose is frustrated with him, not least with his fixation on Drusilla, a fictional vampire from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' TV series. He wonders When is The Sun Gonna Shine on Me? and believes that, like Drusilla, he has no soul. A psycho-analyst who is almost as eccentric as James tells him he is only happy with the familiar and that's why he always wears the same clothes, eats the same food and drinks from the same mug. James' friends from the boxing club arrive and spar with him, showing what it's like to be Neuro-Typical. A Vulcan decides to help James and uses his phaser to beam James into Fast Fingers' diner, where he will be employed to clean the toilets. Fast Fingers is an R&B has-been and tells his story in Rock 'n' Roll Rejection. A sad girl at the diner, who is the very image of Rose, sings Loving You in Vain. Back at the flat, feeling that James is more interested in Drusilla than he is in her, Rose sings Nor Will You Ever. Drusilla appears in James' imagination and they duet on Isn't It a Lovely Day? Encouraged by Fast Fingers, James sends the vampire story he has written to Juliet Landau, the actress who played Drusilla in the TV series: impressed, she invites James to Los Angeles to meet her. Fast Fingers wonders whether a 'rainman' could ever go to Hollywood - he sings Man in the Street and remembers his own dreams of fame in Hollywood Bowl. The prospect of going to LA is daunting - to James, any new experience is completely terrifying: merely boarding a scheduled flight feels akin to stealing the Starship Enterprise. But, accompanied by the outrageous, scatalogical Mozart (Ode to Joy) and the sockless, eccentric Einstein - men now seen as geniuses but who, in their day, were equally out of step with the world - who have been beamed into the present day by the Vulcan's phaser, James boards a plane to the US as Runway Runaway is played.

Act Two:

Drusilla may be Lost, for too long her bed has been her tomb, but on the journey, James discovers that what he thought he had in common with Drusilla - the lack of a soul - was simply not true: in one encounter at Ground Zero he is moved by a widow's story: together they watch a video of the firefighters at 9/11 (Stuff Happens) and the widow sings the heart-wrenching Life is Life. James discovers that he can feel empathy, a quality that has always eluded him. His heart begins to beat for more than scientific reasons. On the Greyhound bus across America, a criminal on this way home is told by Mozart not to throw his love away (Big City Gambler); James has his fortune read by a hippie; and the criminal sings Morning Butterfly. At a stop-over at the Hellmouth Bikers' Bar, James helps a young girl while the bikers sing Need a Lover and show their fangs to reveal that they are actually vampires (We Ain't Got No Souls). James realises he is not in love with Drusilla after all and Fast Fingers reassures him that it is Better To Have Loved and Lost than never to have loved at all. He has his final meeting with Drusilla on her fictional home street, Candlewood Drive, and then goes to meet Juliet Landau. He struggles to tell her his story. On his return to the UK, Rose - who bears a startling resemblance to the Sad Girl, the Widow, Juliet Landau and Drusilla - is waiting to meet him and he realises that she has been his true love after all. His usual attire of rugby shirt and jeans has been replaced by a blue suit and a silver waistcoat and, in a parody of 'Saturday Night Fever', James dances with the Company to When the Dream Becomes Reality.

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