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The Music:

Dear Miss Landau is packed with memorable songs, from classic ballads to rock-and-roll, with a dash of country thrown in (especially as James travels further west). Here, you can listen to a selection of six songs, which will give you a feel for the quality of David P Bailey's songwriting. Or why not buy the soundtrack album? Click below to purchase.

Ode to Joy

Before the curtain goes up on Act One, Mozart rocks the audience with a heavy-metal rendition of Ode to Joy, a tune that he claims Beethoven stole from him. Performed here by Jonathan Last, who also handled post-production on all the CD tracks.

Isn't It A Lovely Day?

Drusilla often appears as an apparition in James' flat. Here they sing a duet, each accepting that the sun will never shine for them: in Drusilla's case, because she is a vampire, and in James' case, because he is a 'rainman'. Sung here by David P Bailey and Joy Strachan-Brain.

Nor Will You Ever

Rose feels that James is more interested in Drusilla, a fictional vampire, than in his own girlfriend and that he will never truly love her. Sung here by the soulful voice of Melanie Smith

Man in the Street

As James plans to travel to LA to meet Juliet Landau, Fast Fingers - boss of the diner where James is employed to clean the toilets - wonders if a 'rainman' could ever go to Hollywood. Sung here by David P Bailey.

Hollywood Bowl

Fast Fingers, envying James' trip to LA, recalls his own rock-and-roll days when he dreamed of playing at the Hollywood Bowl. An anarchic rock track sung here by David P Bailey and co-composer Paul Sargent.

Life is Life

At Ground Zero, James meets a firefighter's widow and, as she tells him her tale, he feels empathy for the very first time. Sung here so movingly by Joy Strachan-Brain, who also co-wrote the song and available now to buy as a digital single sung by Melanie Smith from all major music websites including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play and Shazam.

Stuff Happens - a video

On the big screen, David P Bailey's haunting melody Stuff Happens plays, as images unfold of the firefighters at 9/11 and James watches with the widow. Watch at Youtube

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