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Asperger Syndrome:

The musical was inspired by the autobiographical book Dear Miss Landau by James Christie. Unlike The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time or The Rosie Project, where the author invented an autistic character, James Christie is the 'real deal' - diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome (a mild form of autism) in 2002 when he was 37 years old. You can buy the book here.

Asperger Syndrome is often viewed as a 'disability' when it is actually about a different way of viewing the world. To an Asperger, neuro-typicals seem illogical and irrational - their emotions get in the way of sensible decision-making. Aspergers can feel emotion, but find it hard to 'read' other people's emotions or to empathise. The musical Dear Miss Landau looks at the Asperger's perception of reality - with humour, but without trivialising it. It also shows that the very people baffled by Asperger behaviour actually exhibit many of the same characteristics themselves.

Asperger Syndrome

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